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Curtis Pruett, a Gospel singer/songwriter, grew up surrounded by Country and Gospel Music. Curtis has been a musician since the age of 5. He started playing for his Dad's country band at age 14. Later, he learned the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and dobro. Curtis is also a self taught piano player and a very accomplished one. He started playing the piano at 19 years of age. When he gave his life to the Lord, He directed his passion for playing and singing, to the calling God had given him. He now sees his music as a tool to reach the lost AND found! Preaching and singing is now his happily professed calling!

Curtis Says: "I was called into the ministry at an early age and wrote my first song at age 21. The song was “You and Me Lord” on the “Remind Me of the Blood” CD. I went to the church to pray. Back then the doors were always unlocked! I was immediately drawn to the piano where God began to give me the words and the melody at the same time. It was completed in about 15 minutes.  I left the church that day knowing that God would never, ever let me down and that no matter what, He would always be there for me! That’s why I love Him so much. And that’s why I must be about my Father’s business!"

If you ever get the chance to hear Curtis preach or sing, you owe it to yourself to attend! Check this site often for a concert near you!

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